Gambling tax - how much gambling tax do I pay?

You will play in a online casino games and yes, it's your lucky day! You win a nice amount, and then? You deposit your profits into your own bank account, but do you still have to pay tax or declare your profits on your tax return?

No, you pay 0% gambling tax on your winnings in an online casino. The online casinos arrange this for you and pay taxes to the tax authorities themselves. The moment you win $1000 on the online roulette table (or something else) then you can pay this out to your account without worries, without having to pay gambling tax or having to declare this to the tax authorities or your tax return.

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What is gambling tax?

Gambling tax is a tax levied on winnings derived from gambling. In short, it is a tax that you have to pay if you win with gambling. Whether this is winning a lottery, on a blackjack table, betting on football or with poker, in principle, a percentage (29%) must be paid to the tax authorities.

Since October 2021, there has been a change regarding the payment of gambling tax. Where you previously had to pay 29% gambling tax if you managed to win more than $449 in an online casino or at a betting house. Has that changed since October last year when the online gambling market opened in New Zealand.

Where previously, for example, you could win $500 with TOTO, and then 1/3 e from the amount evaporated to gambling tax, online casinos now regulate the gambling tax themselves. So if you bet money on a number of football games with which you win, for example, $750, then you do not have to pay tax on this, where in the past you had to pay around $250.

Gambling tax 2023

The percentage of gambling tax that must be paid is not fixed for each year. For example, it happens that the gambling tax in Year A is higher or lower than in Year B. At the moment in 2023, the gambling tax is 29%. However, before October 1, 2021, this percentage was 30.1%, which still matters significantly.

This amount, by the way, is levied on the total profit. So if you bet $250 on a match with quote 2. Then the payout is $500, over this entire $500, 29% gambling tax is then levied. So you can not first deduct your deposit from the won amount.

Gambling tax toto

If you play on toto, you no longer have to pay or pay gambling tax. Before October 1, 2021, you still had to pay a little more than 30% tax if the amount won was $449 or more. However, this is no longer the case, if you win an amount online at TOTO or in the store, no matter how high, you do not have to pay tax to the state.

It also doesn't matter if you win money playing bets on sport competitions , bet on casinoslots or to the blackjack table . You do not have to pay any gambling tax to The New Zealand tax authorities.

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Gambling tax postcode lottery

If you buy a ticket for a lottery, or you have a subscription to a lottery such as the postcode lottery, in some cases you just have to pay gambling tax. It depends on whether you buy a ticket from a private party or from a government lottery.

On prizes that you win at the State Lottery, you do not have to pay any gambling tax. The state lottery itself already pays taxes to the tax authorities. All prices, whether it's 10 dollars or 10 million, are therefore tax-free. Actually, this is not tax-free, because staatsloterij always lists the tax-free prizes in the prizes. In reality, your winning amount is higher, but the state lottery already deducts 29% gambling tax from it.

With private lotteries such as the Postcode Lottery, however, you still have to pay tax on your winning ticket. This is only from prices above $449, so you pay 29% tax from prices of $450 or more. So if you Win a million in the postcode lottery, you still have to pay $290,000 to the tax authorities.

Gambling Tax Unibet

Unibet is today just like any casino operating in the New Zealand market with a casino license from The New Zealand Gambling Authority. An online casino like Unibet pays from the front as a tax to the tax authorities. As a result, the winnings that are distributed are free of gambling tax. This applies to all games of chance that Unibet offers, you can play the following Unibet products without having to pay gambling tax on your winnings:

Of course, this does not only apply to Unibet, this applies to all online casinos that are in possession of a New Zealand online gambling license from the Ksa. Examples of these types of casinos are BetCity, Lucky Nugget, Bet365 and Jack's casino.

Gambling Tax Unibet

Are you going to have a nice night out at the Royal Vegas casino and win a nice amount? Then you do not have to pay gambling tax on this. Whether you win at the Blackjack table, roulette table or you win a jackpot at the slot machine, you have to pay 0.0% gambling tax to the tax authorities.

When you think of Royal Vegas Casino, you might think of the physical casinos of Royal Vegas Casino such as in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Venlo. However, nowadays you can also just go online for a gamble at the Royal Vegas Casino. Since October 2021, Royal Vegas Casino Online has been live in New Zealand. With regard to gambling tax, the same rules apply to this as in the physical casino, because you do not have to pay gambling tax or your winnings at all.

Frequently asked questions about gambling tax

How high is the gambling tax in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, there is a 29% gambling tax that is levied on winnings from games of chance.

Do I pay gambling tax at Toto?

No, you don't have to pay anything at all about your winnings at toto.

Do I pay gambling tax at Unibet?

No, at Unibet you don't have to pay anything at all about your winnings.

Do I still pay gambling tax at the postcode lottery?

Yes, if you manage to win an amount of $450 or more at the Postcode Lottery, you still have to pay 29% gambling tax on this amount.

Gambling tax from what amount?

Starting at $450, you must pay 29% gambling tax.

When to pay gambling tax

You pay gambling tax if you play at an online casino without a license or if the party offering gambling has not yet paid tax.

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