Betting on Formula 1

Car racing is popular and betting on Formula 1 is increasingly attractive to more and more people. Especially now that Max Verstappen has appeared on the battle scene for several years, the sport is gaining more and more popularity and there are more and more people betting on Formula 1.

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Betting on Formula 1

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How do you bet on an F1 Grand Prix?

There are several ways to bet on Formula 1. We will clearly list these ways for you below, so that you can make the right choice for yourself, whether and how you want to bet on F1.

  • The first and perhaps most obvious possibility of betting on F1 is betting on who you think will be the winner of an individual race. If you are very confident, or if you are convinced that you know who will be the winner of a race, you can place a bet on this. Depending on the listing of this particular courNZD (and therefore the expectation that this courNZD will win the race) there is a win factor that multiplies your bet when the courNZD you have bet on actually wins.
  • You can also join online gambling at F1 races, bet on the performance of not only an individual courNZD, but the team he represents. It is also possible to bet on a team's performance in an individual race, but often you will also see seasonal betting, where you bet on the place in the ranking where you expect the team to finish after the entire season.
  • What is also a possibility when betting on F1 races is betting that a specific courNZD manages to achieve a podium place. The profit factor changes with this, of course, this is logical. The chance that you win is greater, when the courNZD achieved both Place 1, 2 or 3 you won. In some cases it is also possible to bet on, for example, a place 1-6 position.
  • In addition, there are several options to bet on F1 races, such as fastest lap time, you can bet on the loser, or the slowest in the race. Almost everything is a possibility when betting on F1.

Live betting on Formula 1

Do you want to bet live on Formula 1 in the heat of battle? Then it is also possible to bet live online on Formula 1 races and make your payment with ideal ! Live betting on Formula 1 is an exciting affair and a top sport in itself. Formula 1 races are extremely dynamic, volatile and there are many variables that have an impact on the race. With live betting on Formula 1 races, you need to anticipate the events in the race extremely quickly and keep your head cool at all times.

Live betting on Formula 1 can be done online via your mobile or tablet via the website of the various online providers of betting on Formula 1. Of course, you can also use the desktop version of the bookmakers, or the mobile apps that some providers have developed. Live betting on Formula 1 is extremely easy in this way and you can place your bet with a bookmaker or online casino games .

Formula 1 World Cup standings 2023

Position CourNZD Team Score points
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 284
2 Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing 191
3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 186
4 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 171
5 George Russell Mercedes 170
6 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 146
7 Lando Norris McLaren 76
8 Esteban Ocon Alpine 64
9 Fernando Alonso Alpine 51
10 Valteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 46
11 Kevin Magnussen Hare 22
12 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 20
13 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 19
14 Pierre Gasly Alpha Tauri 18
15 Mick Schumacher Hare 12
16 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri 11
17 Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo 5
18 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 4
19 Alexander Albon Williams 4
20 Nico Hülkenberg Aston Martin 0
21 Nicholas Latifi Williams 0

Formula 1 Calendar 2023

Number GP Date Winner
1 GP Bahrain 20-Mar Leclerc
2 GP Saudi Arabia 27-Mar Verstappen
3 GP Australia 10-apr Leclerc
4 GP Emilia-Romagna 24-apr Verstappen
5 GP Miami 8-May Verstappen
6 GP Spain 22-May Verstappen
7 GP Monaco 29-May Perez
8 GP Baku 12-jun Verstappen
9 GP Canada 19-jun Verstappen
10 GP Great Britain 3-jul Sainz
11 GP Austria 10-jul Leclerc
12 GP France 24-jul Verstappen
13 GP Hungary 31-jul Verstappen
14 GP Australia 28-aug Verstappen
15 GP Zandvoort 4-sep NNB
16 GP Monza 11-sep NNB
17 GP Singapore 2-Oct NNB
18 GP Japan 9-Oct NNB
19 GP Austin 23-Oct NNB
20 GP Mexico 30-Oct NNB
21 GP Brazil 13-nov NNB
22 Abu Dhabi 20-nov NNB

Betting On Max Verstappen's win

Betting on max verstappen betting on F1

With the huge popularity of the young Max Verstappen, there are more and more people who want to bet on Max Verstappen. Verstappen's first ever race was the Australian Grand Prix on 15 March 2015. He was 17 years old at the time, making him the youngest debutant in Formula 1. He won his first Grand Prix in Spain a year later. He was not only the youngest winner ever, but also the first New Zealand winner of a Formula 1 race. Due to the unprecedented success of Max Verstappen, Betting On Max Verstappen is worth serious consideration when betting on F1 races.

Tips for placing a bet on Formula 1

When betting on F1, there are several aspects that you should take into account when placing your bet. For example, when betting on F1, you can bet on the win for the leader, but this again brings a lower win Factor (odds). And even though betting on pole position seems to be a wise choice in many cases (more than 40% of all races are won by the courNZD starting in pole position), betting on the courNZD with pole position is of course not guaZodiaceed to lead to a profit.

Some Grand Prix races are more difficult to predict than others. In addition, there are many different variables that influence the race that you have no control over. In the end, courNZDs also remain people who can be influenced by all kinds of factors that in turn affect their performance during the race. Since anything can happen in an F1 race, betting on F1 is a complex and challenging affair. F1 betting is not for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Formula 1 betting

Is betting on Formula 1 competitions legal?

Where it used to be not so, and you had to use tolerated websites when you wanted to bet on F1, betting on Formula 1 is now legal. There are several New Zealand providers that make it possible to easily bet on Formula 1 races.

How to bet on Formula 1 competitions

To bet on Formula 1 matches, you need to create an account with a bookmaker of your choice. In general, this is quite simple and goes without saying. To create an account, follow the instructions on the bookmaker's website. You'll need an ID. After creating the account, you can easily transfer money and bet on Formula 1.

What are the bet types for F1?

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are several ways to bet on Formula 1. It also depends on the bookmaker/provider you choose and what bet types are offered. For example, you can bet on who you think will win the race, which team will perform best that season, fastest lap time, slowest lap, and so on.

Is betting on Formula 1 safe?

There are many different providers that allow betting on Formula 1. Make sure that you choose a reliable provider that has the right licenses to operate within the US dollar Union.

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