Privacy and Cookie Policy

The Cressy and Charmed website,, is intended to provide information to visitors. All users of the website agree to the privacy policy as described on this web page. All visitors to the Cressy And Charmed website are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Personal data

Cressy and Charmed is vezodiacresponsible for the processing of personal data in accordance with legislation. This is as described in this privacy Policy, the vezodiacword within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cressy and Charmed processes personal data that is provided, or the data that Cressy and Charmed receives. Cressy and Charmed processes the following data.

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Location information
  • Internet Browser and type of device
  • Pages visited
  • Other personal data collected be left behind

These data are processed for the following purpose:

  • Sending digital newsletters
  • Contact visitors if necessary
  • Affiliate purposes

Retention of personal data

Cressy and Charmed does not store visitor data longer than necessary to achieve the above purposes. If a visitor wishes to request, amend or delete personal data, the visitor must contact Cressy and Charmed. Cressy and Charmed does not sell personal data to third parties. All personal data is protected by security software.

Visitor behaviour

In order to optimize the user experience of the Cressy and Charmed website, Cressy and Charmed uses techniques to monitor the behavior of visitors. For example, Cressy and Charmed registers, among other things, which pages are visited and on which Page the website is left. This data is processed anonymously.


Cressy and Charmed places cookies on visitors. Cookies are passive files that cannot retrieve any other data from a visitor's hard drive. Also, cookies cannot find out personal information.

In addition, third parties advertise on Cressy And Charmed who each collect their own cookies. An example of this is IP recognition. Cressy and Charmed has no control over these cookies, or the javascript, used by advertisers. These cookies are therefore outside the scope of Cressy And Charmed's privacy Policy. For this, Cressy and Charmed refers visitors to the privacy policy of the relevant third party. Cookies can be disabled through the settings of your browser.


If you have any questions about Cressy And Charmed's privacy Policy, You can contact us at [email protected]