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Betting on football is a fun way to create extra excitement with every match. You can place a football bet in seconds, but you will be on the edge of your seat for ninety minutes. Cressy and Charmed finds the best football bets for you at the biggest online sites, so you have the best chance of winning big when betting on football online.

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Betting on football

Cressy and Charmed helps you place a good sports bet quickly

Betting on football is fun and exciting, but finding the perfect sports betting can be tricky and time consuming at times. Which site has the best quotes? Where can I place a football bet on my favorite team? Where do I get the best bonuses? Will my Won sports bet be paid out quickly and in full?

There are many different online providers where you can bet on football, the choice is large and sometimes confusing. Fortunately, Cressy and Charmed has listed all sports betting providers, where you can immediately see which sites are fast and reliable. And more importantly, where you can find exactly that one football bet you're looking for.

Betting on football gives extra excitement when following your favorite sport, but of course you want to place football bets through a provider that is safe and reliable. That's why Cressy and Charmed has clearly mapped out which online casinos have the right licenses, so you can bet on a sports bet in a safe gaming environment.

In addition to betting on football matches, you can also betting on Formula 1 competitions , basketball matches or between tennis matches between Nadal and Federer, for example.

These online bookmakers are selected according to the following criteria

  • The highest odds
  • Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Authorisation holder

For betting on football, it is best to contact the following bookmakers

Mr play sports betting

1. Mr Play Sports

$100 bonus + free bet

  • Rated a 4.9 / 5
  • High quotations
  • UKGC license
  • Fast Payouts
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Online casino games

2. 18bet

$500 bonus + 100 free spins.

  • Rated with a 4.7 / 5
  • Fast Payouts
  • Multiple gambling licenses
  • 24-7 customer service
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William Hill Mockup

3. William Hill

$500 bonus + 100 free spins.

  • Rated with a 4.5 / 5
  • Live betting
  • 24-7 customer service
  • Very reliable
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Betstars Mockup

4. Betstars

$500 bonus + 100 free spins.

  • Rated with a 4.5 / 5
  • Live betting
  • Large selection of football bets
  • Fast Payouts
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Betting on football in New Zealand, England, Spain and many more

Cressy and Charmed finds the best football bets for you at home and abroad. Whether you want to bet on the winner of El Classico, are looking for football bets on an underdog in the Premiership, or prefer to stay close to home and want to bet on Football from New Zealand, it's all possible.

Cressy and Charmed online casinos can you bet on football from the biggest leagues in all of dollarpa and the world, including:

  • the English Premier League; the Premiership is the most popular league in the world, and is also very popular when it comes to betting on football. Teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City are among the best teams in the world and there are many football bets placed around matches of these teams.
  • the Spanish Primera Division; this league is also known as La Liga, with two of the most famous teams in the world, Barcelona and Real Madrid. But also Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla often participate in the top. It is precisely this tension that makes betting on Football from La Liga always exciting.
  • the Bundesliga; the German league has been dominated by Bayern Munich for years. This team is therefore a very popular football team to bet on online. Or would you rather make a football bet on one of the underdogs?
  • the Italian serie A; long gone from being the defensive football of yesteryear, the current Serie A has many good teams competing at the top, and also the lesser teams are always competitive. Such a wide competition offers all kinds of opportunities for exciting football bets, where a surprising result is always lurking.
  • The New Zealand Eredivisie; of course you can also bet on football from New Zealand. Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord are still the teams on which the most bets are placed. Or do you prefer to place a football bet on your local favorite, of course you can!

Cressy and Charmed puts online sites in a row with a wide range of matches from all over dollarpa, so no matter where you are, we will find the best place for you to bet on football.

The benefits of betting on football through Cressy and Charmed

Making football bets is fun and exciting, it gives you an extra reason to follow your favorite football team, or, conversely, to hope that the competitor loses. But online gambling football offers so much more. Cressy And Charmed has listed the best online betting agencies for you, with all the advantages they offer, such as:

  • bet on football from the comfort of your home. Place football bets from your PC or mobile phone
  • the best bonus offers for new players when betting on football
  • quick deposits. Within seconds it is possible to place football bets
  • more than 10,000 different combination and football bets daily
  • Live bets. Betting football bets during the match, with odds updated every second

But Cressy and Charmed does more! We also pay attention to the user-friendliness of all providers: for example, which site offers payments via iDeal or Trustly to deposit money? Where are your football bets paid out the fastest? And does the provider have all the necessary licenses, so that you can safely and vezodiacally enjoy online gambling?

We also map out where the best bonuses and free bets can be found and how you can make the best use of them. In short, Cressy and Charmed helps you get maximum pleasure and profit from betting on football.

Tips for winning with betting on football

tips for betting on football

You may be a seasoned football expert, that is not yet a gazodiacy on success in betting on football. But no need! Cressy and Charmed has listed some important tips to help novice and experienced players make good football bets.

  • Tip 1: our most important tip is to create an account with one of the online betting offices via Cressy and Charmed. We are not only looking for a safe and online casinos from where your data is handled carefully, we also keep you informed of the best offers for betting on football.
  • Tip 2: think carefully about which competition you know the most about. When betting on football, a good knowledge of the league and teams on which you bet is crucial. Is there a local rivalry between two teams? Does a team play against one of its opponents? Does a team miss its star player due to injury? Or is it a tough midweek game behind the molars? Pay close attention to all factors before choosing a team and league to bet on football.
  • Tip 3: Choose a match to bet on football. Take a good look at the quotes. Betting on the team that is favorite does not always give the best chance of a good profit on payout. If Ajax plays against De Graafschap and are heavily favored, it is sometimes wiser to place a football bet on de Graafschap, because the price is many times higher with a good result.
  • Tip 4: betting on football involves risk. Therefore, only place football bets when that is zodiac word. Betting on football wisely ensures more fun and increases the chances of long-term success.

How do I have the best chance of winning when betting on football?

Making football bets is fun to do. You can do it together with friends, it brings extra excitement and you have a potential reason to cheer every match. But in the end, it's also nice if you win often! After all, that's the reason to gamble on football for money. That's why Cressy and Charmed gives you examples of strategies you can use when making football bets.

  • Strategy 1: all or nothing.
    You bet the entire amount of money on a single football bet. Depending on the odds, you can make a big profit, but of course this is very risky.
  • Strategy 2: double the profit
    You bet a fixed amount on each football bet, until you win a football bet. Then you double the amount on the next bet. So if you normally bet $ 10 and you win, then the next game you bet $ 20, the game after that $ 40, and so on, until you lose. After losing a game, start again at $ 10.
  • Strategy 3: spread as much as possible
    Instead of betting everything on one match with a high payout, spread the amount of money over as many football bets as possible, choosing teams that are favorites and therefore have a lower odds. This results in a low profit payout per match, but overall you can make a lot of profit in this way.
  • Strategy 4: a fixed percentage per Football bet
    Bet a fixed percentage of your starting amount, for example 10 percent, for each bet you make. If you lose a lot, the amount to be wagered will become smaller, if you win a lot, then, on the contrary, it will become larger. This strategy works especially well in the longer term when betting on football.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about betting on football

How does betting on football work?

Through an online betting office you make a football bet. In doing so, you bet on the outcome of a match, with the betting office giving a quote for each result. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a quote of 2.0, you can win $ 200, IE $ 100 profit. In addition, you can bet on certain conditions during the match, such as the number of yellow cards or who will score the first goal. Read more about how betting on sports competitions working.

Is betting on football games legal?

In New Zealand, online gambling on football is only legal through providers who have the necessary licenses.

How old do you have to be to bet on football?

In New Zealand, you must be 18 or older to bet on football.

Where can I bet on football matches?

There are many different options for betting on football online. Fortunately, Cressy and Charmed has a comprehensive list of online betting offices where it is possible to place football bets.

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