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Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular, especially now that it is regulated in New Zealand. Whether you want to play in a poker room or try your luck at a roulette table. Online gambling can nowadays be completely safe and reliable. In recent years, online gambling has gained immense popularity. The games are becoming more sophisticated and the experience is not much inferior to a night out at the casino. The design and layout of the online casinos are getting better and better.

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Online casino games

In addition, the possibilities are also becoming larger and more varied. For example, at online casinos you can play on real tables with live games. You play with real croupiers. You can also chat with fellow players, the best part is that you don't have to leave the dNZD for it. The ease of online gambling makes it very accessible to everyone. Do you want to know more about online gambling and what you should pay attention to, what is important to know and what to take into account? Then read on. We are happy to help you along the way, so that you will have the best online gambling experience.

Reliable online gambling

When you play for real money, you be sure you are playing at a reliable online casino . Fortunately, you can play safely in the vast majority of all online casinos. In addition, you do not have to worry about payouts. There are many reliable gambling sites. You can reliable online casinos easy to pick out. Since they are provided with the appropriate licenses. When you want to use online casino apps, you have to make sure that you download reliable apps. Therefore, do this directly through the casino's own website. Or download it from the better-known Appstores. It is good to know that Apple has stricter rules than Samsung.

Apps that become available in the Apple Store must have specific licenses in order to be offered. If they do not have these, they will not be admitted and therefore not offered. However, Android's Playstore has less stringent rules. Here it is a lot easier to place a developed app on it. In principle, anyone can add an app to the Playstore, this is not checked. So you are not sure if you are dealing with a reliable app. Always do your own research. When you search the internet for the casino in question, you can often find reviews and ratings. If you think something is wrong, don't just deposit money and research it well first.

Online gambling can be reliable on the following Online casinos | August 2023 mockup

1. Betcity

$50 bonus + 100 free spins

  • Rated 5 / 5
  • Make your deposit with iDeal
  • Simple registration
  • Fast Payouts
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Spin Casino

2. Spin Casino

$50 bonus + 260 free spins

  • Rated 4.9 / 5
  • Make your deposit with iDeal
  • Online casino
  • Simple registration
  • Fast Payouts
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Bet365 casino review

3. Bet365

$50 bonus + 50 Free spins

  • Rated 4.9 / 5
  • iDeal as a payment option
  • Online casino
  • Simple registration
  • Fast Payouts
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Royal Vegas casino

4. Royal Vegas Casino

$100 bonus + 100 free spins

  • Rated 4.8 / 5
  • iDeal payments possible
  • Simple registration
  • Fast Payouts
  • Mega welcome bonus
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All Slots casino

5. All Slots Casino

$250 bonus + 0 free spins

  • Rated 4.7 / 5
  • iDeal as a means of payment
  • Big Bonus
  • Online Casino Games
  • Fast Payouts
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The best guide to online gambling

Cressy and Charmed is the best guide to reliable and safe online casinos for gambling online. This digital guide contains plenty of useful information related to online gambling, casinos, sports betting and everything related to online betting. Cressy and Charmed's experts have carefully tested all casinos and are in contact with the relevant companies to ensure reliability. Despite the good contact between Cressy And Charmed and the respective online casinos, we have honest reviews to provide the visitor with the best possible advice.

The history of online gambling

Gambling has been done since the beginning of mankind. Gambling has evolved over the years, creating popular games such as Roulette and Blackjack. As technology developed, the gambling industry also developed. With the advent of computers, it suddenly became possible to develop and market slot machines. In 1964, the first electronic slot machine with the nickname "honey money" was launched on the market. At the time, these slot machines were revolutionary and immediately aroused the interest of a larger audience. The first Online casino New Zealand Grand Palace casino . Despite being based in Malta, Kingdom casino was the first casino in 2006 to focus entirely on New Zealand players.

First time gambling online

With the advent of the internet came the biggest revolution in the history of gambling. The gambling world is always at the forefront of applying the latest technology, including the time in the 90s when the internet was gradually becoming more accessible. Thus was born the first online casino where one could gamble online.

Which casino was officially the first online casino, there is a lot of doubt. The first online casino will have gone online in 1995 with InterCasino or GamingClub being the first. After these two parties, more quickly followed, by 1996 there were already 15 sites in the sky where online gambling was possible. From this moment on, the hype began to take bizarre forms, because in 1997 there were more than 200 online casinos online, where you could gamble, Play Poker and bet on sports. At the time, there was already a global turnover of 1 billion dollars.

Advantages of online gambling

Betting in an online casino is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. And that's understandable, you can win a lot of money with online gambling . In addition, it brings a nice thrill. There are more and more online casinos to be found and the range of games is also expanding. After all, casinos spend a lot of attention on optimizing their websites and applications. As a result, the experience you have with online gambling is getting better and better. The design and features of the website and applications are great and therefore ensure more fun. It is very easy to deposit and withdraw money.

In addition, the ease of use of the online casinos is very large. You can gamble online from anywhere you want. You don't have to go to a casino specifically for this. You have no hassle with transport, traffic jams and parking. Also, you don't have to get dressed to go somewhere. This saves you time and it is also very easy to gamble online if you have fifteen minutes left. On the other hand, a fifteen-minute trip to a live casino is not something you do just like that.

Increased supply

In addition, you are more likely to win money with online gambling. Compared to playing in a physical casino. This is because there is a large selection of online casinos. so there is also more competition among themselves. For that reason, online casinos generally have a higher pay out ratio than physical casinos. another reason that the pay out at online casinos is higher is that their costs are lower. After all, Online casinos have no cost for expensive, large premises, and they have much less staff.

Finally, what makes online gambling also interesting is that many online casinos give bonuses to new players. They also sometimes give bonuses when you deposit money, for example. This makes it very interesting for online players: you get free money. This gives you more chances to make money than at a physical casino. Online gambling offers much more freedom and flexibility. You don't have to meet a dress code, you can do it 24 hours a day and you don't have to be in a specific place to be able to gamble.

Online gambling New Zealand

Online gambling in New Zealand has long been tolerated . Officially, it was legal until October 1, 2021. However, anyone who went online before that time knew that you could create an online account as a New Zealander anywhere and anywhere. So you could gamble online without any problems and you were paid neatly. Now that it's legalized, you can only easily play at online casinos that are registered in New Zealand and licensed by The New Zealand gambling authority. Since this legalization, there are more and more online gambling sites in New Zealand and in the coming years more and more online casinos New Zealand will be allowed. So there will be more competition which can be an advantage for the New Zealand players.

In New Zealand there are different types of online gambling:

The best online gambling sites

The best is a broad understanding which means something different for everyone. Some players find a casino good if there is a lot of offer, some if a casino has many payment methods and pays out quickly. We therefore have a selection of the best online casinos where you can gamble online. Most online casinos on our website have extensive reviews with the strengths and weaknesses of an online casino. This way you can decide for yourself which casino is the best. If you want to try different casinos, make sure you use the welcome bonuses that the casinos offer. Each casino has its own bonus , for example, free spins or an x % that you get paid extra when you make a deposit at that casino for the first time.

Online gambling in New Zealand-CressyAndCharmed charts it all!

Online gambling bonuses

When you start gambling online, many online casinos reward their players with bonuses. With this, they try to attract new customers and make it attractive to existing players. These bonuses can be free spins, credit or credits. There are bonuses that are given when you sign up or register at a new casino or deposit money. In addition, there are also bonuses for loyal players and general bonuses. These bonuses can often be spent on the slots, but often you can also play in the online casino games unlock your bonus.

No matter what kind of bonus you receive, you can place longer and more bets without having to spend more money on this yourself. But before you choose the casino where you want to play with the best bonus, it is important to know exactly how the bonuses work and what conditions you have to meet to get the bonuses paid out. Not all bonuses work the same at the different casinos and sometimes the highest bonus is not always the best. Comparing the bonuses is a good start to choosing which online casino you want to play at.


Many online casinos try to attract new players to their casino by giving welcome bonuses when you register. In order to claim the bonus, you need to deposit money yourself and start playing with Real Money. Often, the higher the welcome bonus that the casino gives to new players, the higher the amount you have to deposit in order to claim the bonus. Often the bonus that is paid is a fixed percentage of the amount you deposit, for example 50%. If you transfer an amount of $ 1000,- you get $ 500, - Free Play credit.

In some cases, there are casinos that also pay a welcome bonus to new users without having to make a deposit, this is also called a no deposit bonus. However, it is often the case that this welcome bonus is only a small amount and that there is also a maximum of what you can win with this welcome bonus, for example a maximum of $ 100,-.

Another condition that is often linked to having the money you have won paid out is that you must have played for a certain amount yourself before the bonus money is paid out. These types of conditions are often not directly in the advertisement, so first always read carefully which conditions are associated with the bonus and when it is awarded and paid out. The bonuses are intended to ensure that you as a player continue to play at this casino. This means that they are attractive, but also that it is not so easy that you play for a while, Grab your winnings and cash out immediately.

Play for free

The bonus so is there in the form of free spins , a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus . In addition, there are a number of bonuses that casinos pay out to their players. Other examples are the high roller bonus, the reload and a cashback bonus in case of losses. A high roller bonus is a bonus that is paid out to players who play with hefty amounts and thus make large deposits. The bonus can be paid when you make a large one-time deposit, or make a number of significant deposits that add up.

Also, a reload is used to reward the loyalty of existing players. It is a bonus that is given after the welcome bonus for a first deposit. So players are also rewarded when they make multiple deposits at the same casino. Then there is also a cashback bonus. In this case, a casino pays a bonus on the amount you have lost. This is often a certain percentage of the Lost amount. This will help you get started again and you can still continue playing.

In addition, there are many different bonuses. So it can certainly be interesting for you as a player to compare the bonuses per online casino and see where you want to gamble online. As mentioned, pay close attention to the conditions attached to the bonuses, so that you do not have surprises later and you can still not claim your bonus.

Tips for online gambling

  • Only gamble at casinos with an online license.

  • Play zodiac word, gamble only with money that you can miss.
  • Always gamble in moderation, make sure you keep fun in the game.

  • Find out which casinos offer the best bonuses.
  • Look at reviews about the casino online, users always give the best insights.
  • Set limits for yourself, this will prevent you from gambling more than you would like.
  • Use secure payment methods such as iDeal, PayPal and credit card.
  • When creating your account, always use your real data. This way you avoid problems when paying out.

Tagged with iDeal

Why should you choose an online casino where you can deposit money with iDeal? There are some good reasons for this. You can choose an online casino with iDeal, because you can deposit money at these casinos very simply and easily. In addition, the money is directly in your account at the casino and you can also start playing right away. Online gambling with iDeal is an ideal way to play online, simply for these reasons: the speed with which you can start playing and the ease with which you transfer the money. No hassle with making bank transfers where you have to fill in all kinds of data.

Another benefit of paying with ideal is that the money is debited directly from your bank account and you do not suddenly get an account statement at a later time what you still have to pay that you had not taken into account. This can happen when you pay with your credit card. We've probably all had an account statement from our credit card that turned out a little higher than we expected or that contained payments that we had actually forgotten about.

Common mistakes with online gambling

Online casinos are a great entertainment for those who like to take a chance. You have a lot of freedom to do it wherever and whenever you want and can make fun money doing it if you do it right. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when gambling online to ensure that it remains fun. We'll try to give you some of the most common mistakes here, to make sure you don't make them!

online gambling tip 1
  • Choose the right casino

A common mistake is that people do not look carefully at the conditions of the online casino in terms of payments before they start playing. As mentioned earlier, there are often specific conditions associated with bonus payouts. The payout processes of some online casinos can still be complex. So take a good look at this in advance, before you transfer your hard-earned dollars to an online casino and have to make a lot of effort to get them paid out again. Also, always make sure you play at a reliable casino. Unfortunately, there are still rogue online casinos that try to take advantage of people who want to gamble online. Fortunately, today there is more supervision of online casinos and there are rules and licenses that make it easier to distinguish the good casinos from the bad.

  • Know when to stop

One of the best features of online gambling is the ease with which you can quickly log in and play anywhere. At the same time, the simplicity with which you can gamble online can also be a danger to people who find it difficult to take a break every now and then or know when to stop. When you're winning and things are going really well, it can feel unnatural to stop. You feel invincible and would like to continue your winning streak, but keep in mind that the tide can turn once and you suddenly lose everything. You can't always keep winning and it's annoying to see your winnings running back.

On the other hand, when you have lost a lot of money, it can also be difficult to stop gambling. You want to make up for your losses and keep playing. If you do this for too long, you can get into trouble. It is therefore important to agree in advance with yourself how much money you can play with and never bet more than you can lose. It can also be good to have a certain amount for profit in your head where you stop playing when you reach this amount. Gambling should remain fun and when your emotions get too much the upper hand this can have unpleasant consequences.

online gambling tip 2
online gambling tip 3
  • Betting money without really knowing how the game works or what the chances of winning are

It would be a real shame if you lose money unnecessarily, because you do not fully understand how the game works. This is also easy to prevent, because at many online casinos you can first play the game of your choice for free. This way you can practice well and get a feel for the game. When you have complete confidence that you have mastered it, you can start playing with Real Money. Fortunately, most players know how the game works and what the rules are. However, it is the case that some players still go wrong with calculating the chances of winning, because they play without knowing exactly what the corresponding percentages and chances are.

There are certain games where probability calculation is an important part of the game. You can play on this with your strategy and use the opportunities to your advantage. Think of a game like poker. Here, the odds are extremely important in determining whether you should go along or can fit in better. To help you get started, there is a lot of information online about the odds and percentages of winning with certain hands. In a game like online roulette for example, it is relevant to know how much your bet will be multiplied when you win. Also, there are certain strategies you can follow to optimize your profits and limit your losses. With a little research, you can become much better at online gambling!

Safety at gambling sites

Much of the safety in online gambling is ensured by the software used by the online casinos. due to the rise of online gambling in recent years there has also been an increase in the offer of software providers for gambling sites. B etrustable betting sites use software from well-known brands. Some games are even licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) , the regulator for gaming in Malta. They are the body that oversees the control and compliance of the regulations for physical and online casinos. when you play at a casino that is licensed by the MGA you can be sure that you can play without worries. This also means that you are dealing with a reliable casino.

What is also good to know is that reliable software for online casinos ensures that the outcome of a game is completely random every time. This is called The Random Number Generator (RNG). For licensed casinos, it is mandatory to use software that has an RNG built in to ensure the reliability of the games. This prevents parties from tampering with software and paying the players unfairly.

Online gambling game developers

Not entirely unimportant are the the game developers who develop the online gambling games. For example, there are a lot of companies in the online gambling market that are developing casino games. Also, these game developers are non-stop producing innovative games. The online gambling market is very competitive because there are a lot of parties present.

The most famous developer in the online gambling scene is Evolution. Evolution is known for revamping classic games like Roulette or Blackjack. For example, they have developed the hugely popular Lightning roulette.

Another big player in the industry is NetEnt. NetEnt is the developer of the most popular casino slot called Divine Fortune. This game is played worldwide and is known for its huge jackpots. For example, this game has made a lot of people millionaires and, in addition, numerous people have been paid a life-changing amount due to the progressive jackpot that the game has.

Frequently asked questions about online gambling

Which online gambling sites are reliable?

There are many reliable gambling sites where you can gamble online. To be sure that you are playing at a safe gambling site, you can choose gambling sites that have the right licenses and licenses.

Can I gamble online with iDeal?

Nowadays, you can gamble in many casinos by making a deposit through iDeal. This allows you to deposit money very easily and quickly and start playing immediately. The ease with which you can make the payment makes it extra nice to play at a casino with iDeal.

Can I gamble online with a Paysafecard?

Yes, you can gamble online with a Paysafecard. Many casinos accept the Paysafecard as a means of payment. With the Paysafecard you can transfer money without having to enter your personal details, a bank account or your credit card details. This way you play anonymously and your privacy is guaZodiaceed.

Are online gambling sites safe?

Yes, in general, online gambling sites are very safe. Many comply with laws and regulations and have licenses and permits to be able to impersonate a registered online casino. Of course, there are also casinos that do not meet this, so always pay attention to where you are going to play.

What does online gambling cost?

In principle, online gambling does not cost money, you do not have to pay an entrance fee, as sometimes in a physical casino, or pay extra money when depositing money. In many cases, you even get money in the form of free spins or credit when you start playing at an online casino. Of course, the extent to which you win or lose money is determined by your own luck with playing!

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