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When you online gambling there is nothing better than having a winning streak and making (huge) profits playing your favorite game. The next step after you have managed to win a nice amount is to have these winnings paid out through the online casino where you play. How this works differs per casino. The speed and ease with which this process takes place is also better regulated at one casino than at another. Want to know more about the best paying online casinos? Then read on.

Where do we compare online casinos on?

To ensure that we only offer the best and most reliable casinos through our website, all online casinos are thoroughly tested and reviewed before we place them on our website. In this way, we want to make sure that you do not have to worry about whether you are playing at a good casino or whether you can transfer money to it in a safe way online casino games your choice.

In addition to security and reliability – without a doubt the most important criteria that a casino must meet – we review the online casinos on a number of other points that we find very relevant. Among other things, you can think of the helpfulness and adequate solutions that customer service offers. The accessibility and speed with which they help players when problems arise is very important to us, because there is nothing more annoying than a customer service that is not or very poorly accessible or a customer service that does not serve you well when you need help.

Many of the online casinos we offer can be reached by phone, mail or chat and some casinos are available 24/7 so you are quickly helped with problems. Another point that is important for us when assessing an online casino is the diversity of the game offer. The online casinos that we offer on our website have a very diverse portfolio of games, so there is something for everyone. Of course, you can play the traditional table games at all casinos, but the casinos that we have carefully selected also offer an incredible number of other games: online roulette , to video slots , monopoly, bingo , blackjack , patience, come up with it and it's there!

A final aspect that we attach great importance to is the payment options which the online casino offers. Today, of course, there is as much as possible and there are many options where you can deposit or withdraw money directly. There are also all kinds of alternative payment options today, such as e-wallets or cryptocurrency with which one can pay. We like to select casinos where you as a customer have many options, so that you can choose the payment option that is most comfortable for you. Below you will find an overview of some of the best online casinos:

Casinobuck mockup review

1. Casinobuck

$200 bonus + 200 free spins.

  • Rated 4.9 / 5
  • MGA gambling license
  • Fast Payouts
  • iDeal as a means of payment!
More information
Euslot ideal casino mockup

2. EUslot

$300 bonus + 100 free spins.

  • Rated 4.8 / 5
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Fast Payouts
  • iDeal as a payment option!
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Cookie Casino

3. Cookie Casino

$500 bonus + 130 free spins.

  • Rated 4.8 / 5
  • Simple registration
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Fast Payouts
More information

Play instantly at a good paying online casino

We just mentioned it: there are several payment options that a casino offers its customers and there are currently many options where you can transfer money directly to your account. This way you can start playing at your favorite casino. A widely used payment option in New Zealand is ideal . It is not only used in online casinos, but its ease of use makes it a widespread payment option that is used by many online stores, governments and other agencies. When you want to transfer money to your casino account via iDeal, the money is directly in your account. So you don't have to wait to play and you can start right away. Another payment option that is gaining a lot of popularity lately is Trustly . Trustly also offers instant payments.

Many casinos also offer Trustly as a payment method option without the need to create an account at the casino, making playing even easier and eliminating the hassle of a tedious, tedious registration process. Online casinos understand that it is important to provide an easy process where people can deposit money without too much effort. But certainly no less important, where people can also quickly pay money through the casino. The competition among online casinos means that casinos have to be very focused on satisfying and keeping their players, which fortunately makes this kind of business run faster and more efficiently!

When are you a good (or bad) paying casino?

To be able to determine what is a good paying casino and what is a bad paying casino, it is good to know what the norm is and what you can expect from an online casino when it comes to making payouts. This way you can better determine which casino you want to continue playing at and what works and what doesn't for you, because the casino may not meet your expectations.

An important part of how quickly you get your payment is the payment option you choose, because one payment option is faster than the other. This is something separate from the casino. In general, online casinos that pay out within 48 hours are seen as fast-paying casinos. there are even casinos that pay out within 24 hours, this can definitely be called extremely fast. On average, you can assume that a payout will take place between two and four days, but there are also casinos where it takes longer. Longer than five or six days we see as very long, but when you feel comfortable at a certain casino and you do not find it a problem to wait a few days for your payment, you can still choose to play at such a casino.

Conditions for cashing out by an online casino

When cashing out at online casinos, there are often specific terms and conditions that a casino adheres to and rules that it applies to payouts. For example, there may be minimum and maximum amounts for withdrawals, or transaction fees may be charged. Almost every casino has a minimum amount that you have to have on your account and have to pay out. Even if an online casino does not charge transaction fees to its players, they may have to pay certain costs for the transaction themselves. This again depends on the payout method chosen. Thus, it is not economical to have very small amounts paid out.

In contrast, casinos often have a maximum of what they pay out per day. A casino can have a maximum based on an amount that you can withdraw daily, but also a maximum that applies per month. It is good to look at this first before you actually transfer your money to an online casino and start playing there, because it would be annoying if you want to play for very large amounts and win, but then only pay it out in very small steps.

Best paying slots

If you are a fan of online slots you will no doubt have your mind set on what kind of games you want to play, because in the world of online slots there is so much possible. But what is very important for players in addition to your personal preference for a particular game is the payout percentage of the slot, because this can vary quite a bit. As a player, of course, you want to win as much as possible, so it's good to also look at the payout percentage of a slot machine before you start playing. This information is almost always easy to find in the manual of the slot machine. The advantage of playing online slots is that the payout percentages are generally higher than with physical slots. Games that are known for their high payout percentages include Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker and 1492 Uncharted Seas.

Why some casinos pay out late

It is understandable that if you win, you want to receive your money as soon as possible. Especially when it's been a while since you last won, it's very nice if you don't have to wait too long for your money. But unfortunately, in practice, it sometimes takes a while before the money is actually in your account. If you are not well aware of the conditions of the online casino where you play, you may have no idea why you have to wait a while for your money. To give you a little more insight into this, we will cover a number of factors that can cause the payout process to be slower than you would like.

Selected payment method
The payment method you select will greatly affect the speed at which you will receive the payout. The fastest way to get your money is to have it paid out via an e-wallet or with cryptocurrency.
Authentication process
In most countries, online casinos are required to verify your identity before they can proceed to cash out. This is for your and their safety and to prevent money laundering or fraud. Do you have an account, but have not yet verified your identity before requesting a withdrawal of your winnings? Then you have to do this at the time you request a payout. This can take some time, so it is wise to make sure that you do this immediately when creating your account to make the payout process as quick as possible.

Tips for faster payout

As just indicated, a good tip that we can give you to get your money as quickly as possible is simply to select a payment method that supports this. The options you have to speed up the process as much as possible is to have you cash out on an e-wallet or with cryptocurrency. A bank transfer or withdrawal to your credit card takes many times longer and are therefore less suitable when you want to receive your money quickly.

Frequently asked questions about casino payouts

What percentage of the transaction fee may be?

Whether and how much transaction costs an online casino charges when paying out depends on both the selected payment method and the online casino in which you play. Some casinos and some payment methods do not charge a transaction fee, but others do. Always read the terms and conditions of the casino and the payment methods carefully, so that you are aware of these costs in advance.

Do online casinos all use the same payment methods and payment terms?

The payment methods that a casino has available can vary from casino to casino. Today, online casinos offer many different payment methods to their customers. Check beforehand whether your favorite payment method is available at an online casino. The payment terms can also vary per casino. Information about this can be found in the general terms and conditions of the casino.

Can i cash out without transaction fees?

This depends on the payment method you select and the casino, but there are certainly casinos and payment methods where you do not have to pay any transaction fees when cashing out.

What is the maximum amount you can withdraw at once?

The maximum amount you can withdraw varies by casino. A casino can have a daily limit, but also a monthly limit. For example, you can withdraw a maximum of $ 5,000 per day and a maximum of $ 30,000 per month. Please read the casino's terms and conditions to be aware of this.

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