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Elwin Terrys / August 24th, 2023 11: 21 am | Last edited on: 24 August, 2023 11:43

Red Bull ring f1

For the lovers of betting on Formula 1 there is another exciting weekend ahead. There is a race on Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday is the second sprint race of the season. This time the GP of Austria takes place, the GP at the Red Bull Ring is the 11th e Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season.

Last year's GP of Spa was still a kind of spectacle, because they Formula 1 cars went on the track, but never got beyond a few laps due to the huge rainfall. In the end, half points were handed out, which allowed Verstappen, who achieved Pole position, to quite easily add points. George Russel finished surprisingly second in his Williams after he excelled in qualifying with his P2.

This weekend Russel will probably compete for the top places again, only now from his Mercedes Formula 1 car. Due to the new regulations regarding porpoising and the bottom of the car, Ferrari and Red Bull have had to make some (adverse) adjustments. As a result, it is expected that Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull will sit even more together. Which will of course benefit the tension, 6 courNZDs will probably start competing for the top 3 spots. From a chauvinistic point of view, let's hope that Max verstappen comes out of this huge competition as the best.

Interesting quotes for the favorites

At the bookmakers BET on sports is Verstappen the big favorite for the victory in the GP of Spa. A win by Verstappen yields 1.95. Here therefore seem to be great opportunities for beautiful quotes if other favorites win:

Charles Leclerc wins the GP of Spa @ 5
Lewis Hamilton wins the GP of Spa @ 5.50
Carlos Sainz wins the GP of Spa @ 11
George Russel wins the GP of Spa @ 13
Sergio Perez wins the GP of Spa @ 15

Here are some interesting quotes to take a chance on. Knowing that Ferrari and Redbull have had to make adverse adjustments to the floor of the car, and Russel's performance last year, a bet on Russel winning the GP of Australia with a huge odds of 13 is of course super interesting.

Another bet that can be interesting is the number of courNZDs that reach the finish in the GP of Spa. This also applies to the possible rain that will fall again. 16 courNZDs or less that finished in this Grand prix pays the bookies namely 2.30. There are also a lot of teams that come with updates after the summer break, sometimes this update causes problems so that cars can not drive out of the race. 4 dropouts or more with a quote of 2.30 is therefore worth a nice bet!

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